Episode 24

Halloween Havoc: Stomp Tha Graveyard


October 30th, 2020

2 hrs 3 mins 36 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

The Night Club presents Halloween Havoc! This is our first ever Halloween special and its a ghost pale full of spooky fun....
Join the coven as they welcome a special guest to spill their beans and reveal their list of favorite horror icons. During this communion horror remakes are on the table as well as which horror films the coven would reimagine if given the opportunity. Tonight also features Trick or Treat Trivia, a revamped trivia game wherein wrong answers award rancid or sweet jellybeans. Best come with your horror knowledge or risk a mouthful of disgusting! Finally, two haunted house films from the early 2010s face off in a compare and contrast.... Its the astral possession spookshow Insidious(2011) versus the snuff film murder mystery Sinister(2012)!
Gather 'round the campfire, throw back your brews or java and get ready for a bloodbath!

Autumn came with awe and change
Turning leaves to hues of butterscotch
Candy corn adorned the lawn
Black cats crept to keep closeful watch
The chilly evenings promised creepy frights
Mornings drenched in pumpkin spice
O, the tricks and treats briefly suffice
In a cauldron cooking a witches brew
In the howl of a wolf staring at the moon
In a dark castle the bats all flew
The children of the night sing
Happy Halloween to you!