The Night Club

We are the ones who whisper in the dark....

We are the ones who whisper in the dark....

Welcome all you witches and wolves! Join us twice a month and commune with The Night Club.

Picture yourself driving down a lonely highway in the country at night searching with your radio dial when through the static haze you hear a broadcast straight from the underworld. This is The Night Club. Inspired by Coast To Coast AM, Joe Bob Briggs and Kevin Smith, creator and host Travis Maxel Boone takes you on a haunted ride through the lense of horror.

On most episodes T-Boo is a Solo Practitioner, usually discussing a spine tingling topic before practicing a Midnight Ritual in the form of a scene by scene breakdown of a film.
When joined by a cohost such as Angel or Ricky or a guest the episode becomes a Coupling and the variety of topics can be wide ranging but all the while good spooky fun.
Finally, when three or more people commune on the show they are a Coven. These episodes are more conversational and wild but remain true cult and most definitely embrace the darkness.

Stay spooky, bitches...

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